Meg Stewart

February 27, 2007

Meg E. Stewart, Academic Computing Consultant for Geographical Information Systems at Vassar College, talks about the use of GIS applications inside and outside of the classroom.
31:59 min.



Thomas Hill said...

For further information about GIS and teaching with GIS, Meg's blog, GIS@Vassar, is an excellent resource for beginners and for people already familiar with GIS.

Thomas Hill said...

Two corrections on points of information offered by myself in the interview:

1. The storefront maping project is not an element of Google Maps but was a feature of Amazon's A2 Visual Yellow Pageslaunched in 2005, which they have since abandoned.

2. The Sloan Digital Sky Survey does not generally accept data from amateur astronomers. That would be the the TASS survey, which compliments the SDSS.

Thomas Hill said...

I came upon this very interesting article today: "Many, Many Maps: Empowerment and Online Participatory Mapping" by David L. Tulloch in this month's issue of 1st Monday. The article is on PPGIS, or Public Participatory GIS. So yes, there are online collaborative mapping projects underway, and some very interesting ones at that.

Thomas Hill said...

Another very interesting article on a PPGIS project in the Amazon: