N. Katherine Hayles

January 30, 2013.

N. Katherine Hayles, Director of Graduate Studies in the Program in Literature at Duke University and widely regarded as the most illuminating public intellectual writing on technology and culture today, talks about her latest book: How We Think: Digital Media and Contemporary Technogenesis, Published by the University of Chicago Press.

With a rift growing between digital scholarship and its print-based counterpart, Hayles argues for contemporary technogenesis—the belief that humans and technics are coevolving—and advocates for what she calls comparative media studies, a new approach to locating digital work within print traditions and vice versa."

40:48 mins.


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Thomas Hill said...

If you were wondering about the pounding in the background, I recorded that interview in my office while the roof was being repaired. And since we were talking about technogenesis and the relationship between human beings and tools, right down to our opposable thumbs, I am hoping you will think of the noise as illustrative of the content of our discussion--especially since I couldn’t wash the noise out of the recording.